Today’s Tip For Our Skin

Skin needs a lots of care and attentions. Due to house hold works like dusting, sweeping and cooking etc makes or skin dull and rough. And due to business we can’t get facial in a whole week. So my tip of the day is about to this skin problem.

1. First of all wash your face with water.

2. In a bowl takes 3 spoons of milk.

3. In milk add 3, 4 drops of lemon.

4. Then add 1 tea spoon of glycerin.

5. Make a mixture of it and blend it.

6. Apply this mixture on your all face and neck gently and left your skin to dry.

7. After this wash your face with fresh water.

NOTE: You can apply this tip daily. It makes your skin fresh and neat and clean from dust etc. Its shows your skin very glowing and healthy. You can avoid acne on your skin as well due to this tip.

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