Today’s Tip For Application Of Eye Shades

Eyes are very important part of our face. It looks very pretty on our face. Eyes are very essential for us because with eyes we can watch the all beauty of this world.

Eyes makeup is also playing a great role to dignify the beauty of eyes. In eyes make up the eye shades are very important thing for application.

Today’s tip is about application of eye shades.

Eye shades application roles:

1. First thing is to choose the shade according to your dress.

2. Then choose a eye shade brush which should be soft.

3. Apply the eye shade on eyes in a round shape from the bottom to top.

4. Blend the eye shade very neatly.

5. After that apply with eye shade the eyes shape according to the eyes.

6. Make the eye shape smooth and ligtly blend the eye shade with tissue.

7. Then apply the eye liner on eyes.

8. Apply mascara in gentle way on open eyes.

9. Now apply kajal in eyes.

It’s a complete make up of eyes with smooth eye shades.

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