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Jewelry is very essential thing for ladies. Females thing they are incomplete without jewelry. And it is true as well because without jewelry they look simple and dull. Same like that with makeup it is said and it is seen as well that without makeup females look simple and dull. So if they didn’t wear jewelry they look not so pretty.

This necklace is so much beautiful. But it looks expensive as well. There are many pearls of crystal colour and maroon colour. The golden colour inhence its beauty a lot.

This necklace is made of kundan and green pearls. It looks so traditional.

This beautiful necklace is made of crystal pearls. A green stone makes it more beautiful and attractive.

This necklace is looking simple but more beautiful like others necklaces. Because the purple pearls makes it more gorgeous one.

This jewelry set is complete bridle set. It looks so pretty and the crystals and ferozi colour stones inhence its beauty a lot.

This complete set of jewelry is looking so pretty and attractive due to its neatness and the colours combinations. It is made of kundan and red rubies.

This is a bridle jewelry set. It is fully design for a bridle. It is mostly made of gold. Mehroon pearls are also use in it. It can be wear with mehroon dresses.

This necklace is looking very gorgeous and pretty. It can be wear with every colour of dresses. It is made of white pearls and crystal colour stones. Some multi shades of pearls inhensing its beauty a lot.

This jewelry set is very precious of one. Its colours combination is very attractive and beautiful. It can be wear with maroon and green both colour of dresses.

This jewelry set is more gorgeous and pretty one then others. It shows its colour lasting beauty of pearls. The stones of green colours increasing its beauty alots.

These jewelries are looking quite simple but more beautiful. The shineness of crystals making us blind. The white pearls of ear rings looking very attractive. And the pink and blue pearls of ear rings shows a great reflections.

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