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Mehndi, the art of applying henna, has been an age-old tradition and is enormously popular in many countries like India, South Africa, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Henna, when applied on the body, generally on the hands, feet and hair, leaves a reddish brown stain that lasts for a week, at least.

In some Asian and Middle Eastern cultures, it is customary for women to adorn their palms and feet in elaborate mehndi designs/patterns during weddings and other auspicious occasions. While it is very common for the bride to put on mehndi, in some parts of the subcontinent even the groom applies it.

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Traditionally, henna was primarily used for medical purposes but it is now prominently used in beauty treatments. Many beauty icons have attested to this fact that mehndi is a major ingredient for their beautiful hair and skin. It’s believed that even the gorgeous Egyptian queen, Cleopatra, relied on henna to keep her hair glowing and luxurious.

Nowadays, henna is also widely used to create body art and tattoos and, as it is not permanent like tattoo ink, it has become quite popular.
So i have some new superb latest mehndi designs whish you can see and choose your favorite design………..

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