Health Care Tips For Men & Woman

How can you fit your-self?

Fitness is a major thing which needs our attentions. If we ignore it, its makes us unfit.

For fitness maintenance we should follow these points.

1. Take proper diet. All balanced food should b included in our daily diet. Balanced diet means those foods in which we get energy. Like milk, vegetables and fruits.

2. Take exercise daily at least for half an hour.

3. Do regular walk at least for an hour.

4. When ever you feel your self tired, then sleep for a while.

5. For skin freshness do cleansing on daily basis.

6. Take regular bath.

7. Include fresh juices in your diet. Fresh juices are very essential for fitness.

8. Remove your tentions from your mind.

9. Try to make your self happy.

10. Yoga is an important thing for our health so try to do this at least twice a time in a whole week.

11. Make sure that you r taking rest a while.

If u people follow these golden tips of fitness then nobody can say that u people r not fit. Due to all these u can b a fit person of this world.

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