Different Shapes And Designs Of Nails

 Give Your Nails a New Look,  Different Shapes And Designs.

Nails are a part of our hands. If it is dirty and dull its looks bad on our hands. Nails needs allots of care and attention to make them good looking and to make them strong and neat.

Nails are a significant a part of our hands so appropriate care of nails are required. Clean and healthy nails not just add elegance to our hands but also stop a lot of overall health problems induced by germs and bacteria.

Our nails are made of hard keratin proteins, and they rampantly grow when there are drastic changes of hormonal bouts, this is especially true during pregnancy. During the rest of the time, nails will be at their healthiest condition when we are on a good lean protein diet, and high vitamin intake of fruits and vegetables. Some of the prime vitamins for your nail’s health are B-complex vitamin foods and Vitamin A foods that are the colors of orange, yellow, or dark green. Vitamin C foods, dairy products the Vitamin E supplement are all very important for your nails healthiness, too. Zinc, sulfur and essential fatty acids are also very important to be a daily part of your nail’s health too. Omega 3 filled foods, such as fish are a must for good strong nails.

Here is some different points to make the nails beautiful one.

Nails should be neat and clean. And it should be cut with care.

You can give them your desirable shape. But be care fully shaped them and avoid from breaking.Nails design should be attractive because your hands beauty is appear due to their cleanliness and design.
Nails look more beautiful when they are shining and looks pinkish. Its enrich the greatness of hands.

Nails should be care fully cut their shapes should be same and accurate. If one of them is shape less it may down yours hands beauty.Nails must be long because it looks more pretty when they are big in size. The small nails look very dull.

The beauty of hands depends on nails, so same like that the beauty of nails also depend on hands. Its mean if the hands should be neat and clean and soft its enrich the nails beauty.Nails needs more care when you are in kitchen and doing cooking and when you are washing clothes, because during these works it can be break and it can be dirty.

In nights when you go for sleep, before going to sleep do clean your hands and nails with cleansing milk or a lotion. And next day wash your hands with fresh water with soap or hands wash.

Nails should be flexible so make them flexible with the help of nails care lotions. Daily use the lotion and rub it gently on nails and also take care of your hands. Because your hands are not separate with nails.

Set aside a few minutes once or twice a week to properly trim and file your nails This is not only a beautification of appearance for your hands, but it is important for keeping any rough edges of nails removed so to not tear them, by getting them caught on various things during your busy week. When nails are caught and torn, this usually does more damage to a nail than what can actually be seen to the naked eye. So take the time to do a quick mini-manicure. It does not take long, and it is important for your nails, while also pampering yourself!

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