Beautiful Nail Polish Colours

Beautiful Nail Polish Colours.

NAILS are beautiful part of our hands. It enhance the beauty of our hands. If the nails looks beautiful then obviously our hands looks pretty.

For nails we can apply different kinds of nail polishes. Different colours are available in markets.

The main principal of nail polish is to match with our dress colours. Or we can contrast its colour with our dress.

Pink nail polish can be use with pink dress. It is a calmful colour. Looks very nice on nails.

Its an onion colour. It is very cool colour it looks beautiful with same colour of dresses and its contrast with yellow colour dresses.


This nail polish of dull brown colour is seems dull. But it looks nice with same colour of dress. And it can be use and day colours but it looks more dull in night functions.

Its looks shiny pink colour nail polish. The colour is looks bright and very shiny. It can be use day and night both functions. It looks beautiful with green, black and same colour dress.

Black colour nail polish looks very beautiful on fair complextion hands. It can be day colour but it looks beautiful at night as well with same dress colour.

It’s a dull purple colour nail polish. Its looks pretty on fair colour hands andif the dress colour is same then it looks gorgeous one.

This is a dark meroon colour nail polish. This colour is called deep red as well. Mostly brides likes this colour a lot. It’s a bright colour.

Its an peach colour nail polish. Seems a cool colour. Now a days mostly inn this colour. It can be use with same colour of dress as well as with black dress. It looks more beautiful aith red tone dress.

It’s a shocking pink colour nail polish. But not so much bright it can be use with orange colour dress. It can be use with black, parrot green and pink colour dresses. It’s a day colour. Dark complextion people must avoid to apply.

It’s a violet colour nail polish. Its looks pretty on fair hands. It can be used with lemon colour dresses and can be use with same colour dresses. It’s a bright colour.

It’s a blue satin colour. It looks beautiful due to its brightful shine. The glitter enhancing its colour lasting effect. It’s a bright complextion colour.

It’s a grayish colour nail polish. It looks more gorgeous on fair hands. It can be use with same colour dress. It’s a day colour.

It’s a gold lame colour. Its shine seems attractive and elegant. Its can be use day and night both functions. It looks nice with golden colour dresses.

Its an gondola colour cutes. Its shiny effects looks bright. The glitter enhancing its beauty. It can be use with bright colour dresses.

Although nail polishes are in many colours but choice is yours that which colour will suite you and which will not. Actually the sense is yours.

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